How to Freeze Okra From Your Garden (with Pictures)

Prepare Okra For Freezer

Start with fresh okra. Don’t attempt to freeze okra that is under ripe or past its peak, or you won’t be pleased with the taste and texture of the okra when you thaw it later as it will be too slimy or too crunchy. Choose brightly-colored, well-formed okra without mushy spots or bruising.

Wash the okra. Rinse away dirt and debrisby massaging away dirt instead of scrubbing it offas it can and will bruise easily if handled roughly.

Prepare Okra For Freezer

Cut off the stems. Use a sharp knife to trim off the tips of the okra. (Tip: Just trim the stems so that you do not exposing the seed cell otherwise it will cause the okra to break down quickly when you blanch it).

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