Growing Basil From Cuttings

Do you love cooking with fresh herbs? I sure do and I I hate paying $4 for a tinsy tiny little bit at the grocery store that does not last more than a few days in the fridge.

I have found a great trick to growing all the basil you want from one plant and this will give you fresh herbs all season long! I’ve used this technique for years and thought it was time to share my personal tips with you.

  1. If you are not starting from seed head to your local store and pick out one of the biggest basil plants.
  2. Snip a cutting a few inches below its top set of leaves, above a lower set of leaves and make sure that you cut at an angle. This gives the cutting more surface area to take in water later.
  3. Pinch (or snip) off any leaves below the top set of leaves so that you leave a nice clean bare stem.
  4. Place your newly-naked stem into a clear jar, glass, or vase so that you can see when the roots beginning to grow or the water is in need of a change.
  5. Fill the container with water.
  6. Place your basil near a natural light source but don’t leave them in direct sunlight, or they can burn.
  7. I recommend that you change the water daily with new room-temperature water to avoid it from becoming cloudy or stinky.
  8. Once the roots have grown thicker and a little more sturdy simply plant the basil in a pot or directly into the ground!
  9. Start the process all over again with you plants as they grow. Herbs are so simple to regrow from a host plant!

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