DIY Potting Soil

For those who know me…I do not measure so I am going to do my best to make this easy for all those out there that want to make their own potting soil versus buying the expensive stuff at the store.

To Make DIY Potting Soil You Will Need (all available on Amazon):

– 1 Part Vermiculite
– 1 Part Pre-Soaked Coconut Coir Brick (bricks will expand depending on size)
– 2 Parts Compost (we use our own chicken compost but you can buy it)
– 1 cup of Worm Castings per 5 gallons of DIY Potting Soil (our next project will be a worm cast collection)

  1. Soak your coconut coir bricks to expanded them by soaking them in water according to their specific instructions. We soak ours in 5 gallon Lowes contractor buckets.
  2. Get a wheelbarrow then add the expanded coconut coir and mix all the other ingredients together. We use a shovel and garden hoe to evenly mix the

 That’s it folks! So Easy. Now go get dirty and make your own DIY potting mix and grow yourself some plants!


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