Tinukim vs. Podee Hands Free Baby Bottle Review

hands free baby bottle

This is my honest experience of a non-sponsored product review comparing the Tinukim vs. Podee Hands Free Baby Bottle Review. All opinions are 100% mine.

If you have children and see a neat product that would make your life easier you normally run out and buy it right?

Well these two handy-dandy hands free baby bottles were products that I wish I had found when we had our first daughter as she was very fussy in the car and a terrible sleeper. I have tried both the Tinukim Hands Free Baby Bottle – Anti-Colic Nursing System and the Podee Hands-Free Baby Bottle Feeding System and hands down have decided which one is the better product!

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Picking Bunga…The Perfect Pony

We have two girls and when I was pregnant with our second I wanted to spend quality time with my first daughter doing things we (or I) loved together. This is when I set out to find my daughter at the age of 2 the perfect pony. People thought I was crazy for buying a two year old a pony but I rarely care what others think. Especially when it comes to horses.
Did you ever wish you had a pony when you were a kid? Or did you ever get bit or kicked by a pony?  If you answered yes to either of these questions then this is for you! You have to find the perfect pony!!!
We lucked out on finding the perfect pony on the first visit who is now named Bunga.
My recommendations for picking the perfect pony.

Where do I look for reliable ponies?

  • Friends: When their kids outgrow their pony snatch it up and do not look at the price tag! Ponies are not cheap if you want quality and safety. Safety should be your number one concern.
  • Reputable farms: Farms with a reputation for producing reliable trained ponys can be a good place to start, but getting to know one can take time.
  • Trainers: Talk with local trainers who have a good showing record and whom other professionals trust.
  • Local Pony Clubs: Look for local pony club (4-H, Gymncanna, state fair, or Pony Clubs) where you can get you acquainted with families who have experience with ponies that have proven safe and reliable for their children. And maybe their kids have outgrown their perfect pony 😉 and are just waiting for the perfect family to sell to.

What are important points for evaluating a pony?

  • Background: IMO you should make sure that the pony you end up getting is from from a caring family. If you decided to get one from a riding academy it might have been over-used and become tired of children. Would you want that pony for your kid? I think not! The pony’s background greatly shapes its attitude and how well it will adapt to your child.
  • General health and soundness: Unless you are an expert horse person I recommend that you hire a trusted equine veterinarian to do a pre-purchase exam. In the long run it pays to have a happy healthy pony.
  • Temperament: Find a pony that is the right temperament, fit, and skill level for your child. A pony with a good temperament acts reliably and safely in a variety of situations.
  • Size: Size can affect suitability as your small child may quickly outgrow a small or mini pony. Make sure you get one that is not too big or too small. If you plan on keeping a pony for many years make sure it is the right size and on the other hand, a pony that is too large may be difficult for a child to manage.
  • Additional points include the pony’s age, general appearance, and quality of gaits, all of which will affect the pony’s compatibility with the child. Make sure your child likes the pony as well as the rest of the family as this normally becomes a family thing.
  • Cost is also a consideration, but, as seasoned horse owners know, equipment, transportation and daily care can quickly overtake the purchase price of an animal.

Remember safety first. You want your child(ren) to have years of enjoyment from their new pony. Do not rush out and buy the first pony you see unless you get lucky as we did. Take your time and find the right pony for your situation.

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